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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I have wanted to do this for a while and finally found the time to sit down and create it! So thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

My name is Hahnbee Choi and Stormy is my 5-year-old German Shepard/Australian Cattle dog mix. She is my first dog that is solely mine and is the light if my life. Stormy has a very robust personality and is very sensitive and exceptionally sassy. She is fed a BALANCED biologically appropriate raw food diet (BARF) but it was a long road there. I was feeding what I believed then was high-quality kibble for 4 years of her life and was practically forcing her to eat. It was awful. I had absolutely NO clue what was wrong. I tried everything from mixing her kibble with her treats to fake baking her food to make it look like human food. But even with all my efforts, she turned her nose up to her food.

Then the magical raw dog food gods above shone a light on me and put Pet Fooled on Netflix (now on Amazon Prime) in my line of sight and it changed EVERYTHING. I started doing extensive research and realized I was one of the millions of pet owners that we're brainwashed to believe kibble was what dogs were meant to eat. Baffled by the kibble illusion, I immediately switched over to raw and never looked back.

Now I have my very own raw Instagram account and am the youngest graduate from the Raw Dog Food Nutritionist Specialist course by Dog Naturally University. We share out meals and some training (I not at all a professional dog trainer what so ever. I'm just a girl trying to train her dog. I just want to share my progress and cute tricks she learns along the way!) on our Instagram page (@gsdstormy) and Facebook group page (DFW - All things for raw fed dogs). She is a personal pet but we work a lot on obedience training and manners! We love to hike, train in all the places, road trips, and eat all the (healthy and beneficial) things.

I hope to help others by sharing our raw feeding journey, tips and tricks, our training, and so much more. I am always open to any post ideas, so please feel free to share any!

Once again welcome to our blog once again and I am ecstatic that you're here!

I am so excited to have yet another outlet to learn, educate, and communicate about all things raw and dogs!

This is an example of our many meals we share on our Instagram (@gsdstormy). This bowl consists of duck feet, pork loin, turkey gizzards, beef heart, beef pancreas, rabbit liver, veggie mix, and Earth Animal Herbal Flea and Tick Powder.

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