Dallas, TX, USA

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South Korea Meal Prep pt. 2

I'm back!!! And it feels so good.

My trip was so awesome but that was waaayy too long to be away from my Stormy girl. In our reunion she recognized me immediately and whined a little and was kind of in a daze of shock for the first day. To be honest I was kind of paranoid she was going to forget all of our training but spoiler she was just more eager to train and didn't forget a thing. But now everything is back to normal and she's a very happy candee ladee again.

All the cuddles when I got back.

While I was gone she only ate about half of her meals each day. I'm not sure if it was 100% because I wasn't there or something else but half of the meals went to my family's dog or our chickens stole it... So I would have prepped a smaller amount for her and gave some more detailed instructions for feeding time.

Stormy is very picky about her fish and I have to persuade her in wanting to eat it. When I was gone she had no interest in eating any fish I prepped. But the night I got back I fed her a whole sardine to which she ate with delight. So again not sure if it was because I wasn't there or something else.

Her exercise regimen was also thrown way off track due to the 103 degree weather here in Texas. I usually take her around 6 am or 8-9 pm to run her but my family had a hard time with timing so she ended up getting the short end of the stick and sometimes not being exercised at all...

The last thing that drives me insane. Her baths. She got way to many baths and was not bathed with her raw edge rinses. Her coat is so dried out because of this and has a rough crunchy texture. It appalls me. It's fine though. Her coat will bounce right back and I'll have my velvety smooth Stormy back in no time.

Overall I am pleased on how everything went. I am just being very nit picky on a lot of things. But to sum everything up, the things I would change are the amount I prepped, smaller amounts of fish, and more precise instructions on feeding, exercise, and baths.

I am so happy to be back with my Stormy girl and everyday life with her. Thanks for stopping by and always keep exploring!