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A Raw Feeder's Lifeline: Pre-Made Raw

Updated: Feb 12

Life gets unpredictable. While having a daily set schedule would be preferred, it's just unrealistic. This is where pre-made comes in handy! But are a few key components to look for in a pre-made raw.

#1: HPP

HPP stands for "High-Pressure Pasteurization" it's a cold pasteurization technique by which the raw food is introduced to a high level of isostatic pressure provided by water. Since this process pasteurizes the food, all the living bacteria, enzymes, and microorganisms are killed off, defeating the purpose of feeding fresh.

Many HPP pre-made raw companies state, "the HPP process is 100% natural and recognized by the FDA and USDA as an anti-pathogen treatment". This process kills everything, not just pathogenic bacteria.

Many companies are using this method to comply with the FDA and stay in business. When raw food undergoes HPP, it destroys the benefits of raw.

To see if a food undergoes HPP, you can usually find the information on their website or shoot them an email asking about it.

To learn more about HPP, click here

#2: Fish oils

Fish oils usually "balance" out the omega 3 to 6 ratio because when these fats are balanced, it reduces inflammation, decreasing chronic diseases' chances. Unfortunately, fish oils are usually rancid before the company even receives them or open a bottle yourself.

This is due to the heating and extrusion process of the supplement. Introducing lots and lots of oxygen to the oils causes them to oxidize rapidly. Every time the oil comes in contact with more oxygen (i.e., transporting, mixing into the batch, testing a raw batch, etc.), the oils oxidize further.

The fatty acids in fish oils are susceptible to oxidation. When they are exposed to oxygen, they create free radicals. Free radicals are the cause of premature aging and many organ diseases.

This process is called oxidative stress. Free radicals take a healthy normal cell, attack it, and damage the cell with oxidative stress, killing the cell. Free radicals can also cause gene mutations, cancer, as well as inflammatory health problems.

★ For a more in-depth look at marine oils, click here.

#3: Sourcing

It matters what the animal you are feeding ate! A company should prioritize the quality and sustainability of its meat. The company should be able to list where the animal was raised and what is consumed. The sourcing and quality of a brand can often be seen with how much advertisement they do. Companies with sketchier sourcing often will attempt to cover the quality by using greenwashing terms such as "humanely raised, free-range, natural" and more. In contrast, brands with higher quality ingredients tend to spend their resources on the product versus marketing labels.

★ To learn more about sourcing, click here

#4: Synthetic Vitamins & Minerals:

It's still unclear how synthetic vitamins and minerals are absorbed and used in the body. Some synthetics may be more easily absorbed, while others may not be bioavailable at all. This causes deficiencies as well as toxicity in pets all over the world. When feeding real fresh foods, the vitamins themselves are not being fed. Still, the whole array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and co-factors are being put into the body for optimal absorption and use. Without these extra compounds, it is implausible that synthetics would be used the same way in the body as their natural counterpart.

For example, studies show that natural vitamin E is absorbed twice as efficiently as synthetic vitamin E. The uncertainty and dangers of mixing so many synthetics with unknown risks to achieve "balance" cause infestation, such as the Hill's recall and many more. Thankfully there are several brands out on the market that utilize only whole foods.

Here is a list of quality pre-made brands:

1. Answer's Pet Food: Answer's sustainably raisings their meat and is transparent on their values. There is no synthetics pre-mix, and the food is already "complete and balanced" with no additional supplementation needed. The extra step of fermentation also adds more benefits.

2. The Bones & Co: Bones & Co is another company that uses 100% whole foods and is clear about its sourcing and ethics.

3. Raw Feeding Miami: Raw Feeding Miami sells 80/10/10 or foundation grinds. This is not a "balanced" food and will require additional supplementation.

★ For more on balancing ratio grinds, click here

Premade raw puts the convenience in fresh feeding. While it can get expensive depending on your location, size of the dog, and more, knowing quality pre-made brands can be helpful during busy times and emergencies.

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