Let's start with how to pronounce my name. My name pronunciation is a never-ending battle. Here it is phonetically spelled: Hawn-bee Choy.

My name is Hahnbee Choi (최한비). I am a Korean American, and I currently live in Dallas, TX, where I  live life with my best friend, Stormy.

I was so overwhelmed and felt as though I would never understand how to truly feed raw. That's why my hopes are you can come here to feel a little more comfortable and a lot less overwhelmed. If I can do it, so can you! Gsdstormy was created out of passion and love. I hope to empower as many pet owners as possible to become the best health advocate for their pets! 

This is a safe environment to share, make mistakes, learn, and explore all things fresh food.


So glad you're here, and Always Keep Exploring!

Always Keep Exploring!

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