Let's start off with how to pronounce my name. My name pronunciation is a never-ending battle. I have yet to find the perfect way to explain it, but here it goes. Phonetically spelled: Hawn-bee Choy.

Maybe it helped? If not, oh well!

 Anyways! My name is Hahnbee Choi and I live in a suburb in Dallas, TX where I raw feed and live life with my best friend, Stormy. Riding horses for 7 years was my hobby until I sold my OTTB, West, and I turned my full animal passion for dogs.

 I was always drawn to animals my whole life! I have always felt that my connection with dogs was more natural and deeper, even more so than any other animal. 

 It wasn't until May 2018 that I took a break from riding and found my true passion for raw feeding and training. I started out raw feeding very small, scared, and very clueless. I was so overwhelmed and felt as though I would never understand how to truly raw feed.

 Outside of raw feeding and dogs, some of my other hobbies include being a dedicated feminist, guitarist, ukulelist, and piano player, and classical singer.

 But here I am now, little old me, a certified raw dog food nutritionist plus more! My hopes are you can come here to feel a little more comfortable and a lot less overwhelmed. If I can do it, so can you! Gsdstormy was created out of passion and love. I hope to empower as many pet owners as possible to become the best health advocate for their pets! 

 This is a safe environment share, make mistakes, learn, and explore all things raw, dogs, and my life adventures with Stormy.

So glad you're here and Always Keep Exploring!


Dallas, TX, USA

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